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  1. Lab 8 - WebSockets

    Learn how to utilize WebSockets and Create a basic Phaser game with WebSocket connectivity for real-time server to client communication. Use Node.js for our application server. Use TypeScript with Parcel for bundling browser client code.

    Setup Node.js

    The following steps may be omitted if the version …

  2. Lab 7 - Flask

    Create a basic RESTful web application backend using Flask. Consume the API endpoints using cURL and httpie.


    Navigate to a new folder and initialize a new Python virtual environment.

    mkdir cmput404lab7
    cd cmput404lab7
    virtualenv venv --python=python3
    source venv/bin/activate

    Install Flask.

    pip install Flask

    Create a new …

  3. Lab 4 - Django

    Big lab! Build a simple Django website. Understand the fundamentals of Django's MVC architecture using the built in models and views.

    Answers to the questions should be submitted to Lab 4 on eClass. You may also follow along with the official documentation. We will be going through Parts 1 to …

  4. Lab 1 - Virtualenv & cURL

    Introduction to CMPUT 404 labs. Setup virtualenv and understand basic usage of curl.

    Answers to the questions should be submitted to Lab 1 on eClass.

    Git and GitHub

    1. Make a GitHub account or log in to your existing GitHub account.

      • Question 1: What is your GitHub URL?


    1. Create a …